Transform Your Family Relationships In 31 Days!

A 31 day online personal coaching experience for couples/parents who want to turn their most important relationships around. 

Are your family relationships drifting further apart rather than closer together? The good news is there is hope for your home. Your marriage/family doesn’t have to continue to drift. You can make the shift! Rodney and Michelle Gage can personally walk you through specific ways on how you can turn your most important relationships around! 

Here are 3 proven ways Rodney & Michelle can help.  

Personal Coaching

You get to email Rodney personally so he can specifically address your situation and needs. 

Live Coaching Calls

You get to talk directly with Rodney and Michelle through live conference calls where you and the other participants can ask him questions and get practical feedback. 

Relationship Mentoring 

Your participation to this digital coaching experience includes access to online courses and e-books designed to serve as an on-going mentoring for your marriage and family relationships. Research shows that coaching/education is superior to traditional clinical counseling when it comes to achieving your greatest intentions.    

 Space is limited to 12 couples or Individuals

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